Port 19

Exclusive accommodation on the seafront, close to Turku and Helsinki




Ekenäs as regional center in Western Uusimaa offers unique living in a charming small town environment with access to excellent service, while you can seamlessly travel to Helsinki. The residence also have excellent transportation opportunities to Helsinki 90 km way and Turku 110 km away with the highway and travel center with several connections close to your accommodation.

Unique accommodation in an unusual environment that exudes peaceful quality. Ekenäs Archipelago National Park gives you an opportunity to experience the archipelago and the outer islands as well as to experience the inner archipelago changing nature. Ekenäs archipelago will give you an experience that is a rare luxury.

Old Town with its unique cultural environment gives your accommodation an extra dimension. A stroll in the city's oldest streets and intersecting narrow alleys while reading the centuries-old street names Smedsgatan, Gustav Wasa street, Stora Kyrkogatan etc. makes you feel the depth and respect of Ekenäs history and want to explore more.

Walks in Ramsholmen with the nearby beach are good for both mind and body an opportunity and a privilege to have right outside the door. There is a rich variety of paths and walking paths suitable for walking, jogging and cycling - all in a lush and unique conservation area.


Ekenäs is one of Finland's oldest cities, Ekenäs was founded by King Gustav Vasa in 1546 in his efforts to break the power of the Hansa Empire in the Baltic Sea. The north port has for centuries played an important role in Ekenäs history. On historic ground, where Ekenäs mentioned as port already in 1200's, with maritime heritage, we are creating a new history by revitalizing the harbor environment with the housing block PORT 19 and the shopping center PIER 25.

The oldest city structure in Ekenäs around the church and the Stora Kyrkogatan originated with its street lines and site layout from the 1550s is known to be the oldest developed and preserved area Finland. Despite the fact that half the city's population during the years 1709-1710 died due to the plague, Russian occupation in 1713, a vacated city during several periods, city fire in 1821 and a number of other tragic events such as air and artillery bombardment during the recent war, the city has preserved buildings from 1700 and 1800s. Ekenäs and Porvoo are the only cities where the city plan from the 1600s has not been changed to a schematic grid.

The historical flashback in photos from Ekenäs around the century shift shows that the sea was ever present. Archipelago Cruisers were a natural part of the harbor environment - the proximity to the ocean is what we want to recreate in PORT 19


For an active lifestyle we have the best conditions. PORT 19, breathe fresh air and exercise. The beautiful walk along the waterfront, the green and vibrant park environment outside your residential, not forgetting the entire archipelago and the nearby scenic golf course, Ekegolf, in combination with that there are plenty of services that make life more convenient in PORT 19.