Your own mooring, elevator, garage, courtyard,

generous balconies & terrace with unbeatable sea view


Our vision for the old historic trading port is to densify and revitalize downtown by restoring a commercial, living and meeting forum. We want to create a venue with great availability and experiences where the block two squares, Kronotorget and Hamntorget connects the sea walk with the rest of the city center and transportation center.

Homes will be created in the areawithspecial charactersurrounded bymaritimeandmoreurban characterwherehistoric buildingsare preservedand processed. Along the sea walkgrowsnewvenues. The assignment for creating the residential apartmentshasgone deservingly to thearchitectural office ofArchitectMichaelDonaldAb.

Tiina Holmberg Oy architect and landscape architect has been appointed for walkways, docks, courtyards, and anything else that helps to make PORT 19 to a unique residential area. PORT 19 is an example of the innovative and exciting architecture that adds another layer to the historic heritage and simultaneously enriches the city with a new and additional dimension.

The new homes all have in common that they take advantage of the unique location on the water. Ekenäs gets a new welcoming silhouette when arriving or viewing from the sea front.


In PORT 19, we have taken advantage of the apartment's inherent potential. Common features are well thought out interiors and smart layouts. The highest possible standard and class all carefully selected and combined.

Here are the layouts open with a connection between the kitchen, living room, balconies, the generous terraces and the variation in design. Add to those lush courtyards, common areas, elevator in the stairwell all the way down to the garage, PORT 19 offers you the highest class and best standard of living.


We create homes with class by choosing sustainable natural materials and invest in good storage facilities. We strive for a modern, urban feel. All bathrooms and wet areas are tiled with tiled floors and high standard equipment - most with private sauna.

The kitchen standard is more than satisfactory. All apartments will have light and sober colors, oak parquet floors and window sills in natural stone. The uniform base gives you the perfect starting point when you want to decorate and put your personal touch on your new home.

The choice of sauna, extra toilet as an alternative to extra storage space in the apartment is in many cases a thing the buyer can choose.


The common courtyard has a modern urban and maritime character and offers a variety of outdoor rooms for rest, exercise, play and picnic. At the entrance and from the apartments appear lush greenery with lots of ornamental grass and exceptional beautiful lighting: rustic rings, walking paths and entrances are all lit with spotlights without covering the sea. Water is visible in the courtyard environment in a babbling stream that has its source from rain water and also helps water the plantings. The choice of material is organic and carefully selected, ageing in style.

Sketch of the courtyard

Sketch cross-sectional diagram