Welcome to the marina district in Ekenäs.

The ancient trading port - North Harbor is now being developed into a modern area with housing block PORT 19 and the shopping center PIER 25


Our vision has been comfortable living in combination with coastal town charm, modern architecture and high standard. A unique accommodation where the homes generous floor plans, private parking space in the underground parking, all stairwells equipped with elevator – the elevator goes all the way down to the underground parking.
In combination with the sea view and the mooring outside the quay makes accommodation in Port 19 something extraordinary.
The buildings courtyards provide a sheltered housing peace and privacy from passers-by on the quay. Here, we hang out and feel comfortable in the different courtyard rooms.

Welcome to the idyllic archipelago for people enjoying life and the love of the sea

Welcome to the idyllic archipelago for people enjoying life and the love of the sea


We seek a private accommodation where we have captured the archipelago city's spirit in a modern version. Port 19 is an excellent example of great architecture representing the future and the next phase of Ekenäs architectural history. The residential neighborhood consists of nine houses with a total of 75 condominium apartments with 2 to 4 rooms and kitchen. All homes have generous balconies or terraces where the sea view and courtyard opportunities offer a perfect and trouble free living.
Fulfill your dream home with a quality accommodation where you have the opportunity to influence your apartment design.